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  the differences between a wedding coordinator and a wedding planner

Your wedding is perhaps one of the biggest events of your life, and having the proper professionals on your team to make it happen is important. One of the most common questions brides and grooms-to-be have is what is the difference between a wedding coordinator and a wedding planner. Here is a look at some primary differences.


A Wedding Coordinator Focuses on Logistics


In general, logistics is the detailed implementation of a plan related to a complex or complicated event. A wedding coordinator is ideal for the couple who has their planning and design handled and needs someone to come in and bring all of the details together. A wedding coordinator basically takes your plan and details and brings them together to focus on things like this:‌


  • Handling all personal decor and placement

  • Working with vendors and handling vendor arrival and set up

  • Creating a timeline of events for the ceremony and reception

  • Making arrangements for service professionals who will have to be present


A Wedding Planner Focuses On the Overall Plan


A wedding planner is more likely to be part of the initial phases of planning a wedding. This professional is usually certified in wedding topics, so they have no problems sitting with you to create a specific plan of action that includes all of those details that have to be covered. A wedding planner will help couples:


  • Decide what type of wedding theme it is that works best

  • Choose venues and vendors that align with the theme of the wedding

  • Help decide what kind of foods and beverages will be served at the wedding

  • Help pick things like flowers, music, table decor, and other small details

  • Budget and payment management

  • Coordination is included in all planning packages

Understanding the difference between a wedding coordinator and a planner can mean all the difference in your satisfaction with the services you receive. Reach out to us at Rayanne Rose Weddings for more information about event planning.

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