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  What Is a Reception-Only Package from a Wedding Planner in Orange County?

There are several situations when a couple may only need Southern California wedding planning for a reception. For one, some couples choose to have the wedding low-key and make the reception a big soiree. Some couples have no issue planning a wedding ceremony on their own but prefer event planning services for the reception. Take a look at what you get with a reception-only package from a wedding planner Orange County.


You get help with planning the reception.


A lot of planning goes into a wedding reception, and your reception package will mean you get help with making all of the plans. From arranging for the right foods and picking a spot for the cake, the planner will help you make all the pertinent decisions about the event. Flowers, seating arrangements, tablescapes, music, decor—you will get expert guidance to pull the event together into a seamless occurrence.


You get help with securing the right venue.


Tracking down the right venue specifically for a wedding reception is always one of the biggest decisions to be made. A Southern California wedding planning service like Rayanne Rose Weddings has contacts with numerous venue owners, which makes the process of sourcing the right place a lot easier to handle.


You get help with securing vendors.


There are more vendors involved in a wedding reception than any other part of the wedding. You will need vendors for the food served, for the cake if you have one, and possibly for things like table linens or rented tables and chairs. Your reception planning package from a wedding planner Orange County will include securing the vendors for everything you want to have.

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